Consejero Automatico ICT: A Chatbot to Support Latino Parents’ Educational Engagement

In collaboration with: Marisol Villacres and Hayley Evans

Problem Statement

How can we design a piece of ICT for supporting how Latino parents’ engage in their children’s education, in a way that aligns with these parents’ everyday information, cultural, and communication practices?


Latino children struggle with academic achievement in compari-son to other racial groups, demonstrating lower rates of high school graduation and college attendance. Past research has shown that a promising way to address this problem is by supporting the partici-pation of parents in their children’s education.

Research & Data Collection

We have taken an assets-based approach. Through interviews with parents, teachers, and members of the community, we have sought to better understand how to develop a technology which takes into account parents and schools’ current technology usage, language, and cultural practices.

Semi-Structured Interviews:


Through discussion and an affinity diagramming exercise we found the following:



Our ideas spanned from physical objects to simple text messages. Eventually, after building upon one another’s ideas over 2 sessions, we decided to move forward with an idea for a ChatBot within Facebook or WhatsApp, platforms which are already used by the population to receive school information.

Low-Fi Prototype